Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Goodmorning Sir,
The Director of operations.
Pls do direct and keep me updated with your procedures regarding mydecision to appoint my associate and guardian who is based and resided in the USA as my official beneficiary: so that my inherited valuables from my late daddy as deposited with your firm, can be moved to him in the USA. I am really tired and getting more frustrated everyday by day since after the death of my beloved daddy who was both a friend and daddy for me. So I believe that my future without a basic education and graduation will be a hell since that is same like a house which is not built on a solid or proper foundation. I am really frustrated here in the women refugee camp and continue to suffer like nobody whereas I have a fortune from my parents. Here for me is just like a prison yard and I don't see any reason for continuing to remain here without any future or social happiness. That is why, I have prayed and prayed and always fast but I can now understand that my destiny is obviously in my hands and it is left for me to take a bold decisionand for God to help me realize my dreams or such decision of mine!
As a result, I have contacted you to please advice and directme on how to legally appoint my USA based associate; who wants to help mestand as my official beneficiary so that my late father's deposit of which I am the next of kin, can be moved tohim in the USA so that I can leave here for meeting him over thereand also resume my education as soon as possible because my life here is highly exposed to several risks as you know sir.
Thanks for your understanding.
Yours faithfully,
Ms.Suzanna Duke
Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 7:27 AM
Subject: FW: KMM1793929I31069L0KM.

Dear ,
I have received your message and I have gone through the same regarding my inquiries and requests. Now, I want you to carefully read the bellowedforwarded message from the firm. I have written to them rgarding this transaction as you can see at the bottom line of their message as forwardedhere.
Apart from that, I have clearly understood your answer in response to my inquiries and I am willing to offer you 15% of the total sum with the firm as mentioned in my last message. As regards my education: I was already in the Cocody university here doing my first year before suspending my studiesdue to alot of issues as mentioned before; coupled with my late father's death and civil unrest here. Now, I have not been attending classes and have to resume my studies as I arrive to meet with you soon after the conclusion of this transaction, because my situation here is too unbearable but I think that I am only surviving through the infinite grace of God whom I pray on to day in day out. So I will be of course, coming along with my credentials when everything sets. I have understood other issues and think that things shall be easier as I meet with you in person. In keeping with what the director directed me to do before they can be able toattend to you, as a result, I am therefore attaching the certificate of deposit of my valuables with them since you will be required to attach the same and send to the firm while writing them through their e-mail as you can see on the certificate heading. My photo is also here and I look forward to hearing from you before officially authorizing the transaction with the firm. I wait to receive your own photo too, including your home address etc. Pls carefully read the bellowed forwarded message as received from the firm this morning. Always contact me with my official ID here ok.
I am looking forward to hear from you soonest
May God bless you,
Ms Suzanna.



Sent: Friday, July 17, 2009 8:24 AM
Subject: Fw: [T2009071700DYS010Z952293]

Hi ,
I have just heard from the firm now. Here forwarded their message as below. NB: I have already sent you the certificate of deposit of the valuables. So do contact them now and pls make sure that you attach the cert while writing the firm as directed by the director below.
May God bless u.
Ms Suzanna Duke.

--- On Fri, 7/17/09, UNIVERSAL SERVICES COMPANY USC(S.A) <uscafnet.net@earthling.net> wrote:

From: UNIVERSAL SERVICES COMPANY USC(S.A) <uscafnet.net@earthling.net>
Subject: [T2009071700DYS010Z952293]
To: suzannaduke2087@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, July 17, 2009, 1:13 PM

July 17, 2009
Dear Suzanna Duke:
Thank you for choosing Universal Services Company (USC.sa). In response to your inquiry aboutour elaborate information asrelates to theconveyanceandauthorization of your foreign associate to claim your consignment from our Affiliate Bank or Agent (s); in Paris-France following your approval of the same.
Consequently, given to the fragile nature of this kind of transaction being of course an issue thatimplies an enormous portfolio, valuables, money or property etc, which has to be claimed by an authorized third party; that is why legal procedure (s) must be officially respected and ascertained in line with the Trustee Act of 1999 chapter 11Section 203. (Vesting of property in new Trustee). This is why you have to let your intendedTrustee that they will be need for a change of beneficiary from your own name to his name, as your new designnted Beneficiary, Representative, Trustee etc; in an official manner. This certificate of change of beneficiary will be issued, processed and sealed off by the Ministry of Justice, in the name, residential address etc of your designated person (s).The certifed documents as mentioned herein will at the same invest in him or her the stated power (s) of Trusteeship; including thelegal right to claim your consignment from our affiliate or agent (s) in Paris-France.
Our Firm Attorney is the one who will be mobilizing for the procurement of his/her stated Certificate upon hearing from him... Do note that the process of procurement of thispiece of document will take our attorneyatleast 48 hours to acquire from the Ministry of Justice upon hearing from him/her. Besides, you will be expected to now send directly to him either by attachment or otherwise: the Certificate of deposit of your portfolio under our custody. This is the very first thing that you must do now; which would allow him the right to contact us directly through our contact info as he could see on the heading of the same. Through the E'mail address on the certificate of deposit'sheading,he will be able to contactus directly. Please ask him to attach the same while contactingthis firm before we can be certain that you have directed him to do so; only upon this directive(s) will the USC.sa be able to attend to him thereby revealthenecessary information about this transaction as well as his certificate of change of beneficiary (directly to him).Hence all other details about the same will fully be articulated upon hearing from him/her.
Best regards,
Dr. Fabrise J. KONNA
This e-mail transmission contains information that is confidential and may be privileged.
It is intended only for the addressee(s) named above.. If you receive this e-mail in error,
please do not read, copy or disseminate it in any manner. If you are not the intended
recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information
is prohibited. Please reply to the message immediately by informing the sender that the
message was misdirected After replying, please erase it from your computer system. Your
assistance in correcting this error is appreciated.

Sent: Saturday, July 18, 2009 3:20 AM
Subject: Here attached the deposit cert

Hi ,
The certificate of deposit was attached in my previous message to you ok. I have re-attached the same again pls. So do disclose the attached certificate of deposit of my valuable with the USC.sa as attached here now. I want you to also write them (USC.sa through their email as you can see on the attached certificate heading); and do attach the certificate and send to them by yourself while contacting them now so that the director can be able to attend to you as well asgiving you more details regarding the Transaction as well as info regarding the change of beneficiary Certificate which they said must be processed in your own name as my new legal appointed Trustee.
Besides, the firm (USC.sa) said that you have to send your full information like full name, residential address in the USA, Telephone etc i.e while contaccting them now. According to the Director's email which was forwarded to you yesterday: (You mentioned personalinfo, will be used for the processing of your change of beneficiary Cert from the ministry of Justice here, which will grant you the official right as my new appointed Trustee). According to the USC.sa: This document will be processed by the firm itself through the legal services of their firm attorney(USC.sa Firm Attorney).
Acccording to the Director's message which I forwarded to you yesterday, the right of trustee as will be processed in your name nowwill legally mean thatthe rightas my New appointed Trustee has beenvested in youand that is themeaning of thecertificate of change of beneficiarywhich will now beprocessedfor you and in your own namethroughyour personal info as mentioned above. Afterwhich it (Cert of change of beneficiary) shall be mailled to you since you will have to present the same to their agents in france before claiming my consignment from them in Paris. So do contact the firm immediately and they can give you clear details better than myself. Their email and other info can be seen on the heading of the attached certificate of deposit here. If there is anything you dont understand very well in my english please try to leet me and I will tell you now. I have authoprized the firm to welcome and attend to you officially as my appointed representative and you can feel very free in ccontacting them as soon as possible.
May God bless you,
Ms Suzanna Duke

Sent: Saturday, July 18, 2009 12:34 PM
Subject: here attached my photos and also the cert again.

Dear ,
Do forgive me for the mistake in including the document in my last message, this is bcos i easily forget now since the beginning of my situation here, though I try to do some sports and few things that would help me forget my distress easily but it pessists. NB: Pls the reason why we can't use the postal means is simply because of the delay involved, because from here to USA will take atleast ten days to arrive to you and you yourself would reply to me which would also take ten days or more to arrive to myself here; (which is now more than 20days for both of us to communicate once) moreover, you will still have to write the USC.sa and that also takes atleast ten days to arrive to them. So when you look at that you would see that we are accomplishing nothing at all even in month time. And this requires facilitating means of communication like this bcos I am not a happy person here and my life is at risk due to my uncle's position and greediness.
Apart from that: Even the firm wouldn't accept postal method bcos it imposes much delay and involves more dangerous risksbcos it maymistakenly diverted else way or lost on the way and such could be very dangerous to us as it contains some vital info ok. I attached the certificate seperately in my first message but here I have also attached some of my photos and the certificate again. Do u have some photos of yours now??
I wait to hear from u soonest,
PS: Do ask the firm to give u full detailled info about the required document which will give you the legal right to claim the consignment from them in france. Do alsogive them your full personal info like full name, address and ID N° etc which will be used to process the change of beneficiary from the ministry of justice according to the firm director's info.
May God bless you,
Ms Suzanna Duke





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