Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised a loan at favourable terms. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the loan, because the scammer behind this fraud wants MY money.

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Mr From: steve white <glb.stevewhite@gmail.com>
Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 6:21 PM

London, England SW7 2DD
Telephone +44 701113 6174, +44 70457 26389
GlobalFinancial Aid is a private governmental approved Company, we deal with any amount from1year to 50 Years of Commercial and Personal Loans withInterest Rates of 3%.Our loans are well insured for maximum security.

Thanks for your loan enquiry, in regards to your mail stating you need a loan from us, before any further process, you are required to fill theloan application form below,to enable us send our Terms and Condition according to the according to the loan information.
LOAN APPLICATION FORM { ONLINE FORM } Please fill your information on the BLUE columns
First Name:
Last Name:
Contact Address:
City/Zip Code:
State & Country
Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd):


Amount Needed:
Purpose For The Loan: Business Personal
Loan Terms & Duration:
Monthly Income
NOTE: Feel free to ask any Question or call my Cell Number+44 701113 6174 for any verification it is your right
Mr. Steve White
+44 701113 6174
+44 70457 26389
Loan Managing Director
Mr From: Global Financial Aid <steve-loaninc@live.com>
Date: Thursday, September 10, 2009, 9:34 AM

London, England SW7 2DD
Telephone +44 701113 6174, +44 70457 26389
Do You Accept the Loan Calculation?
Loan Balance: $10,000.00
Loan Interest Rate: 3.00%
Loan Term: 5 years
Monthly Loan Payment: $179.69
Number of Payments: 60

Cumulative Payments: $10,781.20
Total Interest Paid: $781.20

OPTION 1:- COLLATERAL PROCESS we usually require equity based property as collateral for our loan acquisition. We do not accept any other property type or kind due to the fact that some of our customers have misused this opportunity. They sometimes claim to have properties and send us copies of ownership of properties that are not theirs. Most customers have misused this opportunity.


This alternative option is a Bank security obtained from banks here in United Kingdom. Obtaining of Bank security requires a fee that will deposited in a bank to yield value to the loan you are obtaining from us during the stipulated duration of the loan. When you are unable to pay back our loan, the Bank take the Bank security and its yielded value as substitute for the loan. in a situation where by you are able to meet up the loan payment at the end of the loan duration the bank security fee and it’s yielded profit will be returned back to you....... in other word this is a form of guarantee that your money and my company's loan is safe.

NOTE: The Bank security fee for your loan is $300 USD. It cannot be added or removed from the principal loan amount.
The company policy of Bank security fee is as a result of. Loan seekers abscond with the company’s fund. We will send your loan to you in any means you choose to receive it, be advice to let us know you preferred option to start the loan document signing.
(1) The lender is responsible for the insurance Security. (Global Financial Aid)
(2) Time of duration: The borrower must pay back at the rate of interest within the stipulated time (years).
{3} the applicant will start repayment of loan 2 mouths of receiving his/her loan payment from us.
{4} Applicant who is unable to meet with the repayment will be given 8 weeks more as a grace period before legal actions will be taken.
(5) Transfer of the loan: the lender is responsible for the transfer of the loan.
(6) The Non Collateral/ Bank Security Fee is refundable if the borrower/client wishes to decline the Loan Transaction after payment has been made.
(7)Clients have the right to sue the company (Global Financial Aid) if there is any illegal or eventualities in this transaction.
(8) A Form of Identification which can be either a Driver's License or your working Identity card
NOTE: if you in agreement with this TERMS AND CONDITIONS please get back to us as soon as possible for an immediate processing of your loan.

Mr. Steve White
+44 701113 6174
+44 70457 26389
Loan Managing Director
Mr From: Global Financial Aid <steve-loaninc@live.com>
Subject: did you receive our E-mail?
Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009, 6:13 PM

The management of Global Financial Aid wishes to know your response regarding to our previous/last E-mail sent to you.

Please be advice to let us know your response as soon as possible. And ensure to also inform us if you received our previous mail.

Mr. Steve Whit

Mr From: Global Financial Aid <steve-loaninc@live.com>
Subject: Loan letter of agreement
Date: Monday, September 14, 2009, 10:55 AM

London, England SW7 2DD
Telephone +44 701113 6174, +44 70457 26389
This is to inform you that your mail was well acknowledged, please note that the management of Global Financial Aid has approved signed and sealed, because of the high level of internet scams, to protect out interest and your interest towards this Loan Transaction, please you are advice to sign the Loan Agreement Letter and return back to us at your convenience. Be it known to you that your loan has been insured and ready to be transferred to you.
Ensure to attach your drivers licenses or international passport or any form of identification that is generally acceptable.
NOTE: For security reasons to protect your interest and assurance of your loan payment, the management has signed a letter of agreement to back up this transaction. Please find the attach letter of agreement enclose.
We will commence the transfer of your loan as soon as possible when we receive your Mail Acknowledgement and ensure to let me know immediately you have the Non-Collateral fee or bank security fee to enable us send you our financial sectary in United State of America payment information.
Be advice to let us know when you intend to come up with the bank security fee/Non-Collateral to enable us inform Mrs. Kim Williams our financial sectary in USA
I will be expecting to hear from you as soon as possible

Mr. Steve White
+44 701113 6174
+44 70457 26389
Loan Managing Director
Mr From: Global Financial Aid <steve-loaninc@live.com>
Date: Thursday, September 17, 2009, 10:12 AM

Mr From: Loan Firm Service <loanfirmservice96@yahoo.cn>
Subject: Payment details
Date: Friday, September 18, 2009, 8:08 PM

In response to your email; as soon as the payment is made, it will take us 24 working hours to get your loan fund transferred to you. So if we get the payment from you Monday 21st, before the close of work Tuesday 22nd your loan will reflect in your account. I will advice you respond as soon as you are through reading this email.

How to make payment of your transfer fee

This is the payment details you will need in making payment of the required fee. You are advice to make payment through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.

Payment details:

Receiver Name: Uwoghiren Eghosa

Country: Nigeria

State: Edo State

Text Question: Thanks Be To

Text Answer: God.

It is unfortunate that you might have been a victim of this popular internet scam. I have counseled several of our customers who were able to confide in me. So I know what you are talking about. Miscreants hijacked the process of genuine offers like this to cajole innocent people. I am afraid that with the type of confidence that the internet communication is losing the major goal of e communication which is making the world a global village will be gradually eroded.

Definitely if i was in your shoes i will take the same stand.I know exactly how you feel but it may not seem as you think. You are feeling this is one of the hoaxes you hear of or have experienced. Life is an Irony, sometimes you meet with bad people first and when you meet the genuine once, you tend to generalize, 'all are bad', opportunity lost. Definitely it is not your fault because as the saying goes if you stumble twice against one stone, it is a proverbial disgrace. Yes, you need to be prudent but a second look is allowed. You may believe it or not, it does not change the truth.

In life there are things that seem right but at the end they do not lead to success,whereas some other things may not seem right but such lead to success at the end. So basically, result from events does not always come, as they seem to us.

It is unfortunate that proposals sent through the Internet are viewed with Skepticism because of the abuse of this medium, You should be aware that there are genuine proposals sent through this medium, but i will quickly agree with you that there is a lot of scam perpetrated by miscreants as i have come to know recently. You mention something in your last mail, which suggests extreme doubt. Please do not follow us in this transaction with doubt. I will prefer we do not go further than have you following us with the burden of doubt in your mind. So make up your mind. I occupy a lucrative position in my company and cannot afford to contact you with what is not, you may not have the opportunity i have in the financial world. I want to let you know more about myself so that you will be rest assured of whom you are transacting with. My full names is Mr. Dan Williams, I am the CEO of Williams Swiss Confirm Loan firm. I am an Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer and a Member of Executive Committee of Williams Swiss Confirm Loan firm Investment Ltd. I have been a Director of the firm since December 1994 I am a Director of certain subsidiaries of the company I am also a Director, an Executive Committee member and a Remuneration Committee member of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd; a member of the Professional Development Sub-committee of the ACCA New Zealand; a member of the Quality Education Fund Steering Committee; a member of the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund Board; a member of the Admissions, Budgets and Allocations Committee of The Community Chest of Nigeria; a member of the Advisory Board on Accounting Studies of the University of Benin Edo State, Nigeria; Honorary Vice-President of the Honorary Advisory Board of the Accounting Students’ Society of the Uniben University of Science and Technology; Co-opted Member of Audit Committee of Urban Renewal Authority; a member of the Investment Committee of the Foundation of Tsinghua University Center for Advanced Study Co. Ltd; and a member of the Nigeria Government Scholarship Fund Investment Committee.

I obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Warwick England in 1993. I am a Fellow Member of the New Zealand Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. I stated the company in 1994 after I got my master decree from the university of Warwick England , and in the year 2002 I was accredited for attainment of excellence in operation of international money lending/loan by the America credit and loan association.
We are a certified and accredited loan agency. we had to remove our site from the internet just because of the miscreant that perpetuate and impersonate our site. So bear with us

Note that i have been plain with you from the very beginning so that we will not have disagreement in the middle of this transaction. You must as a matter of policy in view of this transaction jettison any doubt out of your mind.

Please do not make that mistake and let this loan fund slip off your fingers. You may not need it to boost your economy as you may think, it may look very risky but i tell you, nothing good comes easy.

So get back to me as soon as possible..

We await your urgent and soonest email.

Mr. Dan Williams (CEO)
Williams Swiss Confirm INVESTMENT LIMITED
Tel: +2348056430900
Tel: 0118056430900

old shoes
Mr From: Loan Firm Service <loanfirmservice96@yahoo.cn>
Subject: Let me itemize my reply
Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009, 7:29 AM

Ordinarily, I would have also ignored your mail because no modicum of seriousness should be attached to the contents.It clearly shows that you have less understanding or fail to reconcile what the email contained and your contradicting assertions. All the same, I will stoop to educate your ignorance of the receipt and I implore you to seek assistance through the email I am sending you now for your impaired visual.

Let me itemize my reply to beef-up your understanding.

This email you sent below has a lot of issues. The primary one is lack of trust. I sufficiently explained to you about why we do not give out our contact details and why the transfer fee is needed. How come you are coming up with this attitude? You giving out our contact information or forwarding our emails to any organization without our permission is strictly prohibited. So be warned.

If you are not comfortable with dealing with us, you have the full right to back out and wild raw from this transaction anytime any day.

The persons contact details you were advice to make payment to his the cash receiving officer of the firm, so you shouldn’t have a problem with that.

You being skeptical about this whole issue are because of your past experience. For that simple reason we are advising you for the last time not to forward our email correspondence with you to anybody whatsoever. If you are not comfortable with us then let us no and we will immediately cancel your loan application form.

Have a nice day.

Mr. Dan Williams (CEO)
Williams Swiss Confirm INVESTMENT LIMITED
Tel: +2348056430900
Tel: 0118056430900

beef up
Mr From: Loan Firm Service <loanfirmservice96@yahoo.cn>
Subject: I think it is rather unfortunate
Date: Sunday, September 20, 2009, 6:26 AM

As a matter of fact we are aware of this site and that was why I personally was very angry when you said you had forwarded our email correspondence with you to someone else. If you can refer back to one of the email I sent you subject “loan application form and more information” I stated that we had to remove our site from the internet just because of this same issue, the name you saw is not originally our name but the names of those internet miscreant.

I think it is rather unfortunate that you will be entertaining doubts at this stage of the transaction. After all I have proven to you.

I can tell you that I am the one who is physically present and I have put in a lot of my time, effort and resources to ensure that your LOAN APPLICATION is successful.

I will not try to persuade you to complete your loan application process, because it is your own choice to make. However, I want you to keep in mind that the only reason why some people are richer than the others is because of the risks they are willing to take. Personally, I will advise that you follow your instincts, and even you will be proven wrong when you receive your LOAN FUND upon REMITTNING OF FEE.

We understand the entire situation considering the fact that we receive calls on a daily basis from concerned individuals regarding this same issue. The problem of fraud is a worldwide phenomenon, and on our part we are taking concrete steps to combat this menace.

Behind every fraud, there is always a legitimate organization that these fraudsters attempt to imitate andwe have not been an exception in this case, because some person or persons have been impersonating our staff and organization to perpetuate fraudulent activities.

Therefore, I want you to know that your insinuative comment towards this office is obviously misdirected. It might interest you to know that we are presently in partnership with relevant anti-fraud agencies in Europe in combating internet fraudulent activities, therefore, how then can we have anything to do with such act? Please continue to be on your guard in such matters. I tell you as soon as the fee is remitted then within the next 24 working hours your loan fund will reflect in your account. You are supposed to send us your complete banking information you was us to transfer the fund into. When sending us the payment detail of your transfer fee, you are to send us your complete banking information.

For your information we are a certified and accredited loan agency and attached with this email is a letter of accreditation.

To dial an international number use this format 0118056430900. I have been trying to get to you all to no avail.

Have a nice day.

Mr. Dan Williams (CEO)
Williams Swiss Confirm INVESTMENT LIMITED
Tel: +2348056430900
Tel: 0118056430900


If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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