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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Mrs > Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 21:08:09 +0400
> From: lushka2040@rambler.ru

> Subject: Hello my new friend
> Greetings !!!
> I am very pleased to receive from you the answer. And all over again that I want to tell to this thanks.
> It is very pleasant to see to me your letter because it means, that in this huge world who - that thinks of me.
> I ask to forgive me if my letter will seem to you strange or inconsistent.
> Simply it is difficult for me that to begin acquaintance directly. I the modest and timid girl and therefore I worry a little.
> But I hope, that if will transfer any time, and we can get acquainted closer, and we can learn each other better.
> I start to write to you, and probably in this letter something is necessary to tell about me.
> Yes certainly I should send one of photos.
> First I shall tell, when I have been given birth also age. I should be given birth on March, 10 1979.
> It means that soon for me to be the executed 30 years, probably it is already big age.
> In family I was the unique child, and I have no brothers of sisters.
> And now I live together with parents in a small apartment.
> I think, that at this time there has come time to reflect above the future life.
> I very much would like to have own family, and I very much want to lift own children.
> I very much love children, and I very much would like to lift children, I do not know, how many I want children
> As it should depend not only on me, but also and from mine the man because it - the chapter of family, and it also should
> To think concerning children.
> I grew, and have been given birth in the city of Joshkao-Ola.
> It is small city in Russia, republic Mary ���� satisfies.
> My father works in militia. In you it calls as police.
> My mum works as a saleswoman in shop to be near to buildings.
> She sells bread.
> Probably I shall tell to you about my parents more, but in the other letter.
> Now I would like to tell more about me directly, that you it will be possible to present me.
> I already spoke it, I was given birth 1979. And just as the majority of children I have come in a kindergarten till 7 years.
> I now understand, that my parents could sit not constantly with me, and they had me to give in a kindergarten.
> But I remember, that when I was small to me, the kindergarten did not like, because I very much wanted to be with parents.
> After that I have gone to school. I do not know, why, but I could study well without effort when other children had problems with studying.
> I have left school with the Red diploma in 1997.
> On it my formation has not been finished, also I have left to study in Institute, I have arrived there without problems because I had the red diploma after departure of school.
> It spoke that I very well studied, it has helped me to study free-of-charge in Institute.
> I have I finish Pedagogical institute in 2003.
> In me always, appeared, not only studied, but also and it is good to explain, and I could teach children independently.
> After I have institute have stopped, I started to work from school. And since I work as the teacher of small children.
> I teach only to children who arrived from a kindergarten. I teach him all sciences. I learn them to read and write. I very much love children and me very much to similar this, that I do.
> Work with children demands attention, and I think it with children to work small bats more difficult than with adults.
> As I have already told to my work very much me to similar what completely to help children.
> At my age to become clear, that children and I try this our future to study in their volume that I capable to be direct and even hardly more.
> The love to children has arrived to me with my age, and now I want to receive children.
> I dream to have the perfect family in which the family is focused always warm.
> Probably you ask me why I have written to you? But I do not know, And why you search for whom - that?
> I resemble you, I want to find happiness.
> I already spoke it I the timid girl, and therefore I do not know as I to explain to you, what, what I speak with you And why would be present?
> It is difficult to get acquainted to me with people in the street, and I could not find to me directly the man here on my native ground for the sake of which I am ready on all.
> My girlfriend on work informed me to try to get acquainted in the Internet.
> I should write letters from the Internet of cafe because I have no a computer of a house.
> It is gently enough what to place a computer home. In our country not so many people have computers of a house.
> Therefore I hope, that it is usual, that, that I write from the Internet of cafe.
> The standard of living in Russia not such high as in other countries is probably simple.
> Only I ask, that you have understood me, I it am correct would not like, you thought, that I complain. I would earn enough money what to live here.
> I think, that on it my letter has come nearer up to the end, and I hope, that this biggest letter that will distract you.
> Now you can read it and if you agree with it, that I have written, we can continue to get acquainted further.
> Whether I hope, what I can establish on you a question " you agree to have serious attitudes with the Russian girl? Whether you agree " to continue the attitude with it. Tell please your full name and send me the photo if you it can?
> I in any case wish to you only the goods, and I hope to see your letter next time.
> Sincerely yours new friend Olga.

Mrs > Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 04:19:43 +0400
> From: lushka2040@rambler.ru
> Subject: Hello my new friend!!!
> Hello the my dear friend !!!
> When I have written to you last letter.
> I had cheerful mood.
> Therefore I wanted to joke to transfer you my mood.
> I want to tell to you, that in Russia to live hardly, but is cheerful.
> The laughter prolongs a life, I speak it with you as the teacher.
> The person sometimes should laugh.
> Therefore do not think that I not the serious girl.
> Now, as speak in Russia, a joke in the party.
> I want, speak you, that I like to make, when I have a free time.
> I like to read novels about love and to look soap operas.
> I spoke you, that I like to look films about love.
> I love the Russian films about love and the American films.
> I shall name to you names of films which you could understand:
> " 72 meters " (Russia); "Titanik" (USA).
> If you did not look these films, I allow to you advice to look them, they will be
> It is similar to you.
> In these films it is shown true love and tragedy.
> All dream of people of such love.
> I love what music?
> I have no any favourite group.
> I love silent slow music
> For example from foreign music
> I love a song "Beatles" - ("Yesterday"
> I hope, that you understand, what music to me it is pleasant - slow dancinq music.
> As_Pushkin Ampere-second has written. (I hope, that you heard about this known all over the world
> The author) frosty, winter evenings
> I like to knit a sweater, a jacket and socks all from them from a wool.
> As in the winter in Russia it is cold.
> I have not told to you, that we have a garden behind of city.
> Therefore in the summer every week we enter into a garden.
> We lift in a garden: apples, a currant, a potato, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes.
> I do not drink vodka, but in a holiday I can allow to drink for me directly a little from
> Champagne.
> That I like to eat.
> I love salads, especially salad from tomatoes with the cucumbers filled sour cream.
> But sometimes I like to have I peep pel'menis.
> You know that such pel'menis?
> They - such spheres of the meat which has been wrapped up in the test.
> Then they prepare in water.
> They move to a table with a broth in which they prepared or are simple with mayonnaise.
> I hope, that you will sometime try this dish.
> I feel, that we with each letter become more close to each other.
> Therefore I shall tell about me directly more.
> I spoke you, that I cannot get acquainted at once.
> Therefore I had no any long time of the guy.
> When I studied at university which I have acquainted with the guy.
> I have gone to that day by a trolley bus to protect the diploma, and to receive above
> Formation.
> In a trolley bus with me place the modest guy.
> It saw my work of a degree, in result which we have acquainted.
> But me has very much surprised, that when examination has been finished, it has arrived in
> University with the big bouquet of roses to congratulate me.
> I have told, that I cannot accept from him such dear gift.
> But, it has told to me, that it the businessman and money for him - not a problem.
> And me was necessary to admit it, that I have allerqy on colors.
> But it has quickly found a variant.
> We have found my teacher at university and have presented this bouquet to it.
> The ambassador there was a love, it promised to represent me all world, spoke it, we are created
> The friend for the friend. It gave me expensive gifts, jewelry...
> But only after one year I have learned, that it has other party of a medal
> Dark.
> It was not the businessman, opposite it has cleaned money from businessmen.
> It was, will consist in a grouping of the gangster which with the help of blackmail and threats
> Has cleaned money.
> Then I have told to it, or it throws this dark business, or I shall be, have left it.
> And it has made a choice.
> We have left.
> I have becomr one and have already lost hope to find decent the man.
> Very well, which I have written to you .
> I am very pleased.
> There can be it - destiny, has reduced us purposely.
> And we we are created the friend for the friend.
> Though, if I shall be fair, if I had an opportunity to leave to live in other country
> I would go with pleasure.
> But what I shall make in other country?
> I do not know, that I could to make in other country.
> I have work, I have parents whom I love.
> One which I have no here - it is a man, with which I can to create own family.
> Probably, I examine the man from my country steadfastly after my last acquaintance with
> The man.
> I do not know. But I have difficulties with acquaintance with the man.
> And now I very much gladm, that we have started to correspond with each other.
> I hope, that we shall not stop on it.
> Now, when I have written to you this letter, I am afraid, that you can me to not answer.
> Please do not stop to write to me letters. With your letters I forget my past, and me
> The beginning to think of the future it is more.
> I am confident, that for us wait the fine future, Probably I speak about it early.
> You see, that we know about each other a little. And the further acquaintance is necessary
> For us. But we have taken a first step.
> And we should do many steps before we can tell each other: " I love you ".
> And I very much hope, that you will really agree with me. And we shall correspond
> Further.
> I shall wait the letter from you.
> Your Friend Olga.

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