Jessica candy smith says: "i need money to pay bills"
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Omar. Go to the homepage to see more stories.
From: Omar
To: missyoung
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Subject: information needed

dear miss i am omar, on net i met with a girl jessica candy smith, who says that she is in hospital of nigeria and need money to pay bills which she cant pay and asked me to send money but i did not send her money, but our contact goes on and a coplete year has passed now she says she loves me and want to live forever wth me, her parents died in accident which she has told me, she is native american her detail i am giving you now
biodata is as under
jessica candy Smith
Date Of Birth: 9/24/1979
Social Security Number: 477-64-3635
Address: 656 Commercial Street Mingo Junction, Ohio United States
Driver Licence State Of Issue: minnesota
Driver Licence Number: T-644-067-585-248
Mothers Maiden Name: Linda ,
now she is saying that she had met wth some her father partner, from him she want to transfer her money into my account, which i send her all detail , now tell me whther it is also like same stories which u have coated or its some different or is there any possibilty of truth as i like her too now any how but not sure about it i have given you all detail, would u check her identity as social security number also mentioned ok waiting for ur reply
thnx alot take care bye
Hi Omar,
Your story does sound like a typical 419 fraud story. Did "she" send you pictures? I might be able to recognise the pictures.
Did she stay in a Nigerian hospital for a year? That does sound most unlikely if she is an american.
My advise is that you don't send "her" personal information, and never send her money. The easiest will be to stop all further contact with her.
Miss Young
hi miss young thnx for ur reply, i am sending her picture to you,ok i am not sending any information further to him,i knew that no body cant stay in hospital for whole year, i have attached her photos may be u recognize her, yes these nigerian are very stupid i have sent these information alot of time to different authorities, but i got first time response from you
please tell me do u recognise her?

thnx again for ur reply take care bye waiting for ur response



Hi again Omar,

The pictures are of a model called Jessica. The scammers found her pictures on the Internet.
The pictures have also been used together with names like Naomi, Loretta Mckay, greatluv_naomi, jclois, jclois_me, Sandra, Jade Kate, Kate, Julie Collins, prettycutedamsel, Monica, princess, caftaindon, sandralurvzyou, Tracy Jones, Linda Sharon, Cherry Patrick, seeking4love, Jennifer Adams, Anitha Harry, Kate Javens.
hi miss young, i am writing this letter wth alot of tears that my love vanished away but i knew it was a truth, you are doing realy great job, realy fantastic, may i contact this model in original does she knows her photo being ised like this, i think i should have informed her, can u help me in this regard, she musy be residing in canada i think,
any how thnx alot u do very good work u are realy lovel girl both mentally and physically, u have realy beautiful smile, now on ward my fate on all these things love on net all gone there is no love in this world they people have spoiled it ok take care urself bye
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