Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

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lottery Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 15:28:51 -0700
From: williams_wilcox@sify.com

Freelotto Results
16 Broad Street,
Woolich, Middle Essex
United Kingdom.
Dear Winner,
We wish to congratulate you and formally inform you that, you have won
the sum of 4,000,000.00 (Four Million Pounds) in the last
email-lottery draw, organized by FREE LOTTO International Promotion.
We have confirmed the above winning prize to you
as the true winner.

So at this junction, you are expected to comply with the Terms
and Conditions of the lottery program in other to collect your big fat
win from the bank.I want you to know that the main reason why we setup
this lottery program is because we want to encourage people on the use of
Internet so therefore setting up a lottery Game for internet users to gain
the positive side of internet and I am indeed happy that so far we
have affected lives of people positively round the Globe and also to
gain our fame round the world at large.

But before I proceed, I will like to quickly introduce my self to you
and inform you that I am your fiduciary agent for this lottery
program. Which is in my line of duty, to give you the guidelines for
you to claim your big fat win.
My name is Mr. Williams Wilcox
Email: williams_wilcox@sify.com
Web Site: www.freelotto.com
Furthermore, you are expected to send this office your personal
information for rectification and verification purpose. Because we
have all your information we need through the help of Microsoft
Machine extrator. But we have to make sure that we are dealing with
the right person, so that we can cross check from our correspondence
if it is correct.

This procedure is very vital because of the cash involved so all
protocol must be observed. In consecutive times we have experienced double claiming and forgery of identity and thereby putting the agent into trouble.
So you are required to co-operate with me by keeping your winning information
secret until your winning prize, has been remitted, to you because
some winners do tell people and at the end of it all, the same people
still rob them of thier winnings so be warned.
Information we need are as follows.
CONTACT ADDRESS...............................
COUNTRY OF RESISDENCE...........................
TELEPHONE / FAX NUMBER.....................
PREFFERED MODE OF PAYMENT.........................
MARITAL STATUS...................
Lastly, you are to scan and send this office your valid Driver Linc or
International Passport.
This is because we have to make sure that you are the real winner we
are dealing with. And your Identity will be used to prepare your Bank
Identity Card to complete your transfer, after we have confirmed you
the true person. So you are expected to comply with the terms and conditions of this
program, so that you can proceed to the next step and final stage.
You were selected amongst the 3 lucky winner because your email
address in addition of millions of companies and individual was
extracted with a software created by Microsoft and the addresses were scrutinized with a ballot machine system and after the processes, 30 email addresses were selected randomly and they were shared into 3 categories respectively which you are one of the 3 lucky winner in the 2nd category of 4,000,000.00 (Four Million Pounds).

Also if any body has your email box passwords please notify me to
avoid complication. You are to abide to this Terms and Conditions of
the Lottery Company so that you will not be disqualified.
This process is vital and urgent following the instruction from our
clients that all prize money should be claimed on or before your
deadline date. Once again accept our congratulations and we look
forward to hearing from you soon.
For more conviction to proof to you that this lottery company is not a
HOAX we have decided to put it on the BBC WORLD NEWS UPDATE. So watch your T.V for the important announcement to be made on BBC WORLD NEWS UPDATE on
the5th ofApril @ 13:07:33 -0700 (GMT) Do not miss it watch out.
As your fidiciary agent I have told you all you need to do, at
the first stage of your contact. As we proceed you will have to know
more until you advance and collect your winning prize.
Note: That you are supposed to claim your prize not later than 14
working days, because we have limited time to your deadline date and
if we exceed your deadline there is nothing i can do about it so time
to act is now.
I hope you get what I am saying.
I look forward to your urgent response.
Your Faithfully,
Mr. Williams Wilcox

Miss Young If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

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