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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a charitable donation. It works just like a lottery scam. The scammers that sent the letter, wants me to pay them. I will not get anything from them. They will keep asking for more money until I give up or run out of money.

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> Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 01:14:53 +0100
> Subject: * *SPAM* * important notice
> From: skatters42@yahoo.com
> Foundation's Officer,
> Fondazion Di Vittorio,
> http://www.fondazionedivittorio.it
> Concern.
> The Foundazion di Vittorio, would like to notify you that you have been
> chosen by the board of trustees as one of the final recipients of a cash
> Grant/Donation for your own personal, educational, and business
> development. The Fondazione Di Vittorio, established 1977 by the
> Multi-Million groups and now supported by the Economic Community for West
> African States (ECOWAS), United Nations Organization (UNO) and the
> European Union (EU) was conceived with the objective of human growth,
> educational, and community development.
> To celebrate the 28th anniversary program, The Vittorio Foundation in
> conjunction with the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS),
> United Nations Organization (UNO) and the European Union (EU) is giving
> out a yearly donation of US$100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million United
> States Dollars) to 100 lucky recipients. These specific Donations/Grants
> will be awarded to 100 lucky international recipients worldwide; in
> different categories for their personal business development and
> enhancement of their educational plans. At least 15% of the awarded funds
> should be used by you to develop a part of your environment. This is a
> yearly program, which is a measure of universal development strategy.
> The objective is to make a notable change in the standard of living of
> people all around the Universe (From America to Europe, Asia to Africa and
> all around). The Vittorio Foundation has been assured of highest
> organization standard courtesy of the United Nations. It is our belief
> that we can achieve a great positive change in the general welfare of the
> universe through this program. That is why the foundation is doing
> everything possible to get all recipients notified of their donation.
> Note that your country is not the only country that is benefiting from
> this donation. Beneficiaries have been chosen from countries from all
> continents. The idea of this donation is that within ten years from now,
> there will be notable richness among many unusual people around the world.
> This will give many people the opportunity to get their lives to a stage
> where they had always wanted.
> Kindly note that you will only be chosen to receive the donation once,
> which means that subsequent yearly donation will not get to you again.
> Take time and thought in spending the donation wisely on something that
> will last you a long time. Recipients are only eligible to be awarded this
> donation once.
> Based on the random selection exercise of internet websites and millions
> of supermarket cash invoices worldwide, you were selected among the lucky
> recipients to receive the award sum of US$1,000,000.00 (One Million United
> States Dollars) as charity donations/aid from the Vittorio Foundation,
> ECOWAS, EU and the UNO in accordance with the enabling act of Parliament.
> (Note that all beneficiaries email addresses were selected randomly from
> over 100,000 internet websites or a shop's cash invoice around your area
> in which you might have purchased something from).
> You are required to fill the form below and email it to our Executive
> Secretary below for qualification documentation and processing of your
> claims. After contacting our office with the requested data, you will be
> given your donation pin number, which you will use in collecting the
> funds. Please endeavor to quote your Qualification numbers (N-444-7858,
> E-800-67) in all discussions.
> FULL NAMES:__________________________________
> ADDRESS: _________________________________________________
> CITY:_________________________
> STATE:__________________________________ ZIP: ______________
> COUNTRY________________________________
> SEX:_______________
> AGE:__________________
> MARITAL STATUS:_________________
> OCCUPATION:________________________
> E-MAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________
> TELEPHONE NUMBER:_____________________
> = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
> Executive Secretary- Adriano Fabio
> Email: fdv_adriannofabio@yahoo.it
> All information is strictly confidential and will only be used for the
> purpose to which it is been requested.
> Please note that these donations/Grants are strictly administered by
> Economic community for West African States (ECOWAS), European Union (EU),
> under delegated powers from the United Nations Organization (UNO). This
> means that your qualification number will be reffled to know the
> organisation (ECOWAS or EU) that will handle your payment. You are to keep
> this whole information confidential until you have been able to collect
> your donation, as there have been many cases of double and unqualified
> claim, due to beneficiaries informing third parties about his/her
> donation.
> Finally, all funds should be claimed by their respective beneficiaries, no
> later than 15 days after notification. Failure to do so will mean
> cancellation of that beneficiary and its donation will then be reserved
> for next year?s recipients. On behalf of the Board kindly, accept our
> warmest congratulations.
> Regards.
> Mr. Alessandra Ceasar
> (Foundation officer)


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