Miss Young

Nigériai levelező barátaim.

Kaptál már e-mailt egy nigériai vagy más országbeli idegentől, aki dollármilliókat ígért neked? – Jobb lesz, ha kitörlöd, mert jó nagy hazugság az egész.

Néhány ember azonban mégis válaszol ezekre, és nem sokkal ezután megtudja, díjat kell fizetnie ahhoz, hogy hozzájusson a milliókhoz. Azután jön a második díj, a harmadik díj, stb. stb. Még soha senki nem kapta meg az ígért milliókat, sokan azonban jó sok pénzt veszítettek így, sőt, néhányukat meg is ölték!

Ez az ún. ”díjelőleges csalás” külön iparággá nőtte ki magát Nigériában és a környező országokban. Egy másik közismert elnevezése a ”419-es csalás” a Nigériai Büntető Törvénykönyv 419. sz. rendelkezése után, amely kifejezetten tiltja ezt a fajta bűnözési formát.

A csalást nehéz megállítani, de közben jól szórakozhatunk, és vesztegethetjük a bűnözők idejét. E dolog neve angolul ”scambaiting”, amely magyarul nem más, mint az ilyen csalók átverése.

Ha még új vagy ebben a sportágban, ajánlom, kattints ide !

Jó szórakozást!

Miss Young


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From AISHA GADDAFI < investmentprjt@gmail.com > Dear Friend, Thank you for your kind response and willingness to handle this project. First of all, it is important that we know each other better. This project requires confidentiality and total Trust from both parties, having said this, you and I should introduce each other for clarification of Identities. Before I can provide details on how to proceed further. I would like you to know about myself and family thereafter the information about yourself and family are given however the proceeding details I will send to you so we can go further. My name is Aisha Gaddafi, I was born on December 25th, 1976 at Tripoli and my home town is Sirte. I am the true Daughter of the soil of Libya. I am a devoted Muslim but whole heartedly respect the beliefs of other people. I am 5 feet and 8inch tall. I was appointed as the United Nations Development Program National Goodwill Ambassador for Libya on 24 July 2009, primarily to address the issues of HIV/AIDS, poverty and women's rights in Libya, all of which are culturally sensitive topics in my country Libya. I am a PhD degree holder in law, a Doctor of Jurisprudence, a lawyer by profession and I was among the legal team appointed to represent deposed Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein, you can read the new link below: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/3862875.stm I am a Widow, I got married to Ahmed Al-Qahsi in the year 2006, He was an army colonel and was killed on 26th July during the civil war at the time the Rebels launched an attack with a bomb right in my late Father's compound. I have three children, two boys and a girl. I have always thought of remarrying someday if I find a good man. I have to be very sure that it is a man that will respect me and my children and not cheat on me and maltreat my children. I pray to Allah to find such a man one day because it is not easy being a single parent. ... (more)

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Sophia Cullen < sophiacullen84@gmail.com > Nice To Meet You Nice to meet you I am from the united state of America My name is Sergeant Sophia Cullen I am a united state of American soldier working as United Nations peace-keeping troop in Syria in the war against terrorism I am a single woman and an orphan I live in a military camp in Hama Syria where I work as a military nurse I am 32 years old my parents died when I was 9 years old in a car accident and the United States took me to an orphanage to look after me until I was 20 years old i join soldier because I have no home and relatives before I was posted to Syria for a peacekeeping mission and I hope to retire soon because of the recent development here in the military camp i also had a bullet injury and I will be leaving this military camp by UN instruction I am beginning to feel at ease with you and my heart accepts you as a true friend I want you to trust the top secret of my life that will benefit us When I come to your country I want to talk about something very important to you and I need your help I feel good about who you are and I feel I have meet the right person and I know the success of this offer will depend on our mutual trust I will come to you and I want to invest in your country and start a new life there I do not know your country because I have never been to your country before I have heard many good things about the economy in your country That is why I need you to help me introduce a good business in your country to start with The money I made here in the Syrian military camp when I retired soon A few days ago, our soldiers found and exchanged ammunition with some gunmen, and in the end, three of our soldiers were injured in the attack, while more than sixteen gunmen were killed as nurses in my army and the group. Friend hurried to see the injured doctor at the point where sixteen gunmen were shot dead. When we entered the terrorist camp, I saw the body locked and shown to my colleagues and we decided to force the pants to open and find a lot of money in the terrorists. We hurriedly picked up the pants and entered. Caves and money count and share with us together and mine is worth $ 960,000.00 Dollars. I need you to help me invest money in a good business in your country or the country you want to recommend i want to inform you that i have deposited the fund in UBA Bank For Africa before i go back to Syrian military camp if you agree to help me i will contact barrister Tony Timor working in United Nations so that he will go to the bank and collect the ATM Visa Card $ 960,000.00 Dollars and send to you so that i will start coming to your country and start a new life with you as soon as you receive the ATM Visa Card and keep it save Dear, what kind of business do you know will be good in your country Please tell me about yourself and send your picture for me Sergeant Sophia Cullen... (more)

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From: MR CHRISTOPHER A. WRAY < shallotatwine@gmail.com > Date: Mon, Sep 4, 2023 at 10:56 AM Subject: Covid-19 (Corona-virus) Urgent To: Re: \$205M I received instructions after the conclusion of extra ordinary meeting convened by the United Nations Secretary General on Monday due to CoronaVirus Pandemic worldwide. Decision was taken regarding your funds from the United Nations Secretary General, Due to problems created by CoronaVirus; You are given a 12 hours deadline to apply and receive your approved \$205 Million funds in your location. The FBI/UN Officials are now available in your location to release funds to you now immediately the Non resident slip is issued in your name. The actual fee is \$550 but it was reduced to \$50 due to the pandemic coronavirus to ensure you received the \$205 Million ATM Debit card package today .The \$205 Million ATM debit card issued in your favor will be canceled and forfeited if the required fee of \$50 is not received after 12 hours. You will be able to withdraw \$80,000 per day from any cash point or withdrawals machine with the visa /master logo on it, your protected pin will be in the ATM debit card package fully secured and to be delivered to you today. Avoid the loss of the funds today and send the \$50 now. Note: The package you will receive contains a prepaid \$205 Million ATM debit Card with the required security document which was made in your name as the sole owner and it also includes the security pin you will use with the ATM debit card. PLEASE NOTE; PHYSICAL CASH COUNTING VIDEO OF YOUR FUND IS AVAILABLE. As the FBI most senior officer I will say the truth always, you need to get the non-resident issued from the origin of your funds. The sum of \$50 is required to issue the slip and funds will be available to you today. No time left and the fee needs to be paid today and the package will be delivered to you today. PAYMENT PROCEDURE: A. BY WORLD REMIT MONEY TRANSFER OR B. ITUNES CARDS /GOOGLE PLAY OR STEAM WALLET $50 USD. Send the \$50 to the origin of your fund using WORLD REMIT MONEY TRANSFER OR RIA MONEY TRANSFER. I am online waiting for your reply with the \$50 payment details so that you will get your fund today. If you cannot send the \$50 via RIA money transfer, you should buy \$50 iTunes card, ensure its scanned and activated, scratch it and send a clear picture showing the codes and the face value of the cards to me. You can purchase the iTunes card at any mall or stores near you. I attached my official identity. Best wishes, CHRISTOPHER A. WRAY EMAIL: fbiusa@fbiusa.wecom.work EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION... (more)

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From: RECOVERY OF FUNDS OPERATION DEPARTMENT < officeangella@gmail.com > Sent: Friday, August 4, 2023 at 07:54:05 AM GMT-5 Subject: The Internal Revenue Tax fee $100 USD. European Commission Executive Vice President Mrs. Margrethe Vestager Attention; Beneficiary. I am Mrs.Margrethe Vestager, The Executive Vice-President is the Commissioner for Competition as well as chairing the Commissioners, This is the second tines that i sent you this message & you don't want to respond back to us, I wish to inform you that we have earlier re-called your happiness fund sum of ($39.5Million) back from West Africa and the others countries which you have been pursuing for very long period of time, This is to bring to your notice that the management of the credit Union in conjunction with the European Commission Executive Vice President, has concluded an arrangement to release your funds to you without any further delay. Below are the procedures to follow to be able to receive your funds immediately. You are to provide the below information to enable us to verify your Identity: (1) FULL NAME:- - - - - - --- (2) DATE OF BIRTH:- - - - - - --- (3) MARITAL STATUS:- - - - - - --- ... (more)

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